26 1 / 2014

A lot of people asked me, when did I start to draw and at what age.
The truth is, I didn’t start drawing since kid like most of people are :) I finished my college first, gotten serious on study because it cost a lot of my parents money. yes, I did doodles and sketches on my textbooks but I dont count them as art.

after graduated on 2008, I began to read mangas I missed during college. I drew quite a lot on paper and lost most of it. Then I joined deviantArt and discovered digital painting. but I was working full hour at the time so all I could do was to be an art appreciator ^v^

Dec 2009, bought my first and only graphic tablet. my first program was Corel, and I didn’t quite fond of them. after a very good friend of mine (frog-of-rock) gave me Paint tool SAI, I started to draw landscape and scenery which is, unexpectedly, fun! 8D

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  7. msfizicks said: You became good at drawing very quickly! Your landscapes (and the like) always stun me :)
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